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Information about corona in other languages

Together, we do everything possible to minimize the spread of the corona virus, that can cause the covid-19 disease. Most people who get symptoms do not get so sick, it feels more like a common cold or flu. But for the elderly and already sick people it could be dangerous. Covid-19 is especially contagious when someone with the disease coughs or sneezes.

Here you´ll find information in other languages about the importance of staying at home when having symtoms of a cold and what to do:


More information about the coronavirus covid-19, in other languages:

Information on the coronavirus at krisinformation.se

The Public Health Agency of Sweden: about covid-19 in other languages

Public Swedish Radio: About covid-19 in other languages

Sign language; covid-19

Swedish authorities on the coronavirus:

Official information on the novel corona virus on krisinformation.se (Emergency information from Swedish authorities)

Swedish healthcare for visitors on krisinformation.se (Emergency information from Swedish authorities)

FAQ of The Public Health Agency of Sweden

The Swedish Government's response to the virus responsible for covid-19

Call 1177 if your condition worsens greatly or if you develop breathing difficulties even when at rest. A nurse will then guide you to the appropriate care at the appropriate place. Always call 112 for lifethreatening conditions.

The healthcare advice line is offered in the following languages:

  • English – call 1177 around the clock
  • Finnish – call 1177 weekdays 8 am–12 noon
  • Arabic – call 08-123 130 80, every day 8 am–10 pm
  • Somali – call 08-123 130 90, weekdays 8 am–5 pm
  • Persian – call 08-123 130 87, weekdays 8 am–5 pm
  • Russian– call phone number 08-123 130 18 weekdays 8 am–17 pm
  • Tigrinya– call phone number 08-123 130 19 weekdays 8 am–17 pm

General questions about coronavirus

Now there is a new phone service on 1177 Vårdguiden for questions concerning the new corona virus and covid-19 for you who speak Arabic, Somali, Persian, Tigrinya/Amarinja and Russian.

If you have general questions about the virus, call 08-123 680 00.

Those who support you, work as health communicators at the Transcultural Center in Stockholm County.

Opening hours weekdays, 9-12 am and 13-15 pm.

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